About Us

About Us

The principal of Pro*Fit Enterprises is Rande LaDue.

Rande has been in the Fitness Industry over 20 years, opening his first health club in upstate New York. He has owned, managed and worked in several facilities and consulted with hundreds of clubs across the country.

In 1991, Rande was hired by Henley Healthcare, a major medical company, to be the Director of Sales for its PACE Fitness Division. At that time, the industry was changing: articles were being written about the aging baby boomers, the deconditioning of America and seniors, but nobody was doing anything about it. Rande saw PACE as the perfect non-intimidating hydraulic resistance program to help attract those people who typically did not join health clubs (the overweight, women, the deconditioned, seniors, busy executives, etc.), so he decided to accept this challenge. Rande has marketed PACE since then.

He currently is the National Distributor of PACE for Henley Healthcare through Pro*Fit Enterprises. Rande’s business philosophy in distributing PACE is that every program must be a win-win situation for all concerned. “There can be no losers in a business with long-term goals and a commitment to excellence.”

A Certified Training Workshop included in every PACE Package. Also included in every PACE Program is a complete Marketing/Training manual, music tapes, T-shirts, ad slicks, banner, etc.; everything you need to make your program a success!

With group exercise programs becoming one of the hottest trends in the Fitness Industry, and PACE being one of the hottest of the Group Exercise Programs, Rande feels that PACE is uniquely capable of helping clubs service any member at any fitness level ranging from the ultra-fit to great-grandmothers.


Major growth of PACE

Rande sees another major growth of PACE as a weight loss program to help clubs sell separate memberships to the overweight, say a 12-week program; then transition them into the general population of the club. To aid customers in offering this type of program, Rande contacted Medicorp PNT, a leader in the field of nutritional tools and programs to design a top quality private label system named The PACE Weight-Management Program.

Women only health clubs are the fastest growing segment of the Fitness Industry and hydraulic circuit training is the ideal fitness program for these type of clubs. Sine PACE is the original 30 minute hydraulic circuit exercise program, it’s no wonder why sales to women only and women owned clubs make up the majority our sales! But beware! There are copies of our program out there (one such franchise knock-off company even claims to have invented the circuit concept!); but they cannot copy our patented hydraulic cylinders. If they say “Its just like PACE” or “It does the same thing as PACE”; ask yourself “Why not go with the best- PACE!”

Group Personal TrainingTM.

Sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Not so with PACE! With PACE, an instructor can effectively become a Personal Trainer for 10, 12, even 20 members at the same time. One of our PACE customers, Kelvin Nedd, from Nedd Personal Training, Port St. Lucie, FL., says “Its a no-brainer. I can charge $50.00 an hour for one-on-one Personal Training, or I can offer a discount to my clients to work out in a group of ten or twelve, charging each $35.00. I earn a lot more money and my clients enjoy working out with their friends and meeting new friends”.

Whatever your needs:


  1. Opening a new Women’s Club, Weight Loss Center or Personal Training Studio.
  2. Increase revenue, membership, and referrals.
  3. Maintaining member retention.
  4. Attracting new markets (overweight, seniors, deconditioned, etc.).
  5. Getting the jump on the competition or to just increase profits substantially- PACE can help.

Call Pro*Fit Enterprises at 888-604-2244 for a free PACE video and see for yourself how a PACE Group Exercise/Personal Training Program TM can benefit your club.

Pro*Fit Enterprises is recognized by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Continuing Education Specialist.

John Spencer Ellis

Pro*Fit Enterprises is pleased to introduce it’s PACE Master Trainer, John Spencer Ellis! He is a world-renowned fitness expert who holds 10 health & fitness certifications. He has a 2nd degree black belt in kung-fu and has completed the Iron Man triathlon. He’s a certified yoga instructor and massage therapist. John holds a bachelors of science degree in business and an MBA. He also has a masters degree in sports science emphasizing sport and fitness management. In 1998 he released his much anticipated book, “How Badly Do You Want It? – Your Ultimate Guide To Optimal Fitness.”

John Spencer Ellis will be attending Pro*Fit’s Trade Shows, PACE Training Workshops and will be making speaking and public appearances. Please see his Web site, where you can view his complete resume and impressive listing of career highlights, including being one of the “celebrity bachelor’s” for the LA Big Brothers Charity Auction and “One of America’s Most Eligible Bachelors” in Woman’s Own Magazine.