Seniors Fitness Programs


Ask a Fitness Director at a health club or YMCA about their senior fitness program. If they have a pool, they are bound to say “Aquatics”. After all, water aerobics is a very safe workout having very little stress to the joints. The basic premise is the faster one moves their limbs through the water, the greater the resistance.

Such is the case with The PACE Group Exercise Programâ„¢. The harder/ faster one moves the hydraulic resistance from one chamber of the hydraulic cylinder to the other, the greater the resistance (since the size of the orifice the fluid flows through also controls the resistance, this can do done in both ways).

Like Aquatics, PACE is much more fun in a class format with an instructor to watch your form and to inspire you. Seniors love PACE! A large part of that is due to the fact that no swimsuits are needed; PACE can be done in regular workout clothes (some people, especially the over-weight are intimidated by getting in swimsuits).

Seniors enjoy the group camaraderie as much as the fitness benefits! We have seen PACE classes when members will call other members to find out why they did not show up for a class!

As we babyboomers age and are entering health clubs at an older age, non-intimidating programs like PACE will become the norm. They are user friendly, easy for a beginner and make a great transition into the general population of a club.