How You Look and Feel Matters

Men’s health refers to a condition of total physical, emotional, social, and psychological well-being, which are experienced by most men, and not just the absence of any illness or infirmity. Various differences in men’s health are attributed to behavioural and biological factors, social and environmental factors.

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Men are usually more active than women, but that does not mean that they have better health. On the contrary, studies show that men are more prone to stress than women. That said, it is not necessarily the amount of stress, but the intensity or type of stress that can cause physiological changes that can adversely affect health. Some common examples are high levels of alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, physical inactivity, and occupational hazards.

Men, like women, need regular exercise to keep their muscles strong and improve blood circulation. However, physical activity does not necessarily mean jogging around the block or spending long hours on the treadmill. A good example of this is a brisk walk in the park with friends or family. Even walking a couple of blocks every day, at a moderate pace, will do the body good.

Men also need adequate sleep, so that they can maintain energy levels and help them stay alert throughout the day. Men who are in poor health are often tempted to drink alcohol, eat too much junk food, or engage in other unhealthy behaviours, such as smoking. However, if you are suffering from any form of physical or psychological problem, it is best to avoid all of those things until you are feeling better. Doing such activities may lead to health problems in the future.

Being a man requires a healthy lifestyle, too. Eating right and making time for yourself and family is important. Taking exercise regularly and drinking plenty of water will not only make you feel good, but also prevent many illnesses. Avoiding certain types of drugs and alcohol, and maintaining a regular bedtime routine, is essential to maintaining healthy men. Smoking is bad for health, so if you are a smoker, it is best to quit. However, if you do smoke, don’t start too much.

Men, especially, need to think about how their actions and behaviors affect their health. Even if your health is OK, the way you look or feel is often an indicator of how you are doing physically. If you look tired, are losing weight, are wearing unkempt hair, or are having trouble sleeping, you might be feeling less than energetic. So make sure you look and feel your best.