Are Resistance Band Workouts Worth the Stretch?

Are Resistance Band Workouts Worth the Stretch?

Are Resistance Band Workouts Worth the Stretch?

The fitness band may not have been a participant in the Greek games, but fitness guru Jack Lalanne introduced the “Glamour Stretcher” to his television audience over 70 years ago. There’s good reason why resistance bands continue to be a staple in the ever-changing, often over-promising world of workout gear. These tried and proven bands will give you a full-body workout safely and effectively. They will tone and strengthen muscles, they are suitable for every age, they are lightweight, affordable, easy to store, super portable, and they can be disinfected.

Originally the bands were made from surgical tubing and were used for muscle rehabilitation. You will find them today in any physical rehabilitation center around the world. What does that tell us? That tells us that these bands will push the limits of the muscles but are primarily safe. However, it is for certain that a welt on snapped skin has been felt from a mis-stretched or over-stretched band. As with any type of workout, proper usage and form do apply to this gear too.


Full Body Training

The resistance band will give you a full-body workout comparable to a full stack of weight plates and weight bar without the stress and pressure on joints and bones and are less likely to produce muscle tears. Resistance bands not only help your muscles get stronger; they increase bone strength too. These bands will go beyond traditional weight training and tone more areas with more ease. All the classic, basic weight-bearing exercises can be done using a resistance band. Exercises like the bicep curl, chest press, forward raise, side raise, upright row, tricep kickbacks, squats, lunges, and the current popular move, the glute bridge. Of course, there’s a myriad of moves that can easily be found on free internet sites like YouTube. A massive number of books have been written and published on resistance band workouts. Finding one at the local library should not be a workout at all.


Suitable for All

People of any age or fitness level can get a fantastic workout using resistance bands because exercises and stretches can be done from seated positions! Definitely an alternative to chair yoga! Excuses for not working out fail with the ease and availability of fitness bands. Resistance bands work your muscles like weights do. However, unlike weights, resistance bands do not rely on gravity to provide resistance. This means that the body moves and expands the range of motion and not the weight. Increasing range of motion is key to mobility and independence. Resistance bands do not apply pressure the way that weights do, so the major benefit is keeping your joints, bones, and muscles safe.

You Can Take Them Anywhere!

Resistance bands are lightweight and portable. You can use them at home, at the park, and on the beach. They are easy travelers and will fit in a carry-on bag. They are easy to clean, disinfect, and store. Let’s face it, resistance bands take up less room than a pair of flip-flops.

Resistance Bands are Cheap!

Resistance bands are inexpensive. They can be purchased for as little as $5 each or can be bought as an assortment of bands in different colors, based on their resistant levels, for about $20. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some have handles, others do not have handles. There are different bands for different exercises, but keeping it simple with one band is the best option for beginners until individual endurance and band knowledge are attained.

Resistance bands have many benefits. Not only do they provide an awesome workout, but with regular resistance band training, you can improve balance, mobility, strength, muscle function, and an overall positive impact on your body and mind. Add the resistance band to your fitness regimen and get moving!