Physical Fitness and Cardiovascular Health

Physical Fitness and Cardiovascular Health

How Physical Fitness Benefits Cardiovascular Health

We all know that physical fitness is important to the performance of our bodies’ functions. Yet a quick look at the evidence we are presented with shows that up to 63% of gym memberships go completely unused. Of the people who do use their memberships, 82% go just once a week. Keeping a regular exercise routine can have a huge beneficial impact on your cardiovascular health, not to mention your appearance.


Exercise Improves The Muscle Absorption of Oxygen in Your Blood

One reason you become breathless during a workout is your heart is pumping like crazy to push blood to your muscles. For your muscles to work well, they need the oxygen that is in blood to bend and flex with ease. Establishing a regular workout in your life can help to improve the rate at which muscles can absorb oxygen, meaning less pumping for your heart to do.


Regular Exercise Acts Like a Beta Blocker, Reducing Your Blood Pressure

While we know that high blood pressure is caused by a lot of things, age, and environmental factors among them, recent studies have shown that even a small amount of exercise is enough to lower it. Exercise encourages your heart to pump more blood, but with less effort. A regular workout regimen is being explored by doctors as a non-drug approach to reducing the risk of high blood pressure or hypertension.


Best Exercises For Cardiovascular Health

To make your heart pump stronger and work harder, any exercise that is good for your cardiovascular health is one that will get that essential organ working. To get your blood pumping and improve your heart’s performance, the best exercises are ones that get your whole body moving. Things like swimming, jumping rope, or even tennis are great options. Many doctors recommend 2.5 hours per week of this sort of aerobic exercise. Strength training is good for increasing the resistance of your muscles, but a high energy workout is sure to benefit the most important muscle in your body.

Developing a Workout Plan with your Doctor

Developing an ideal workout plan with the help of a medical professional is the first step toward changing your life for the better. It is with the help of a doctor, nurse, or other certified health professionals that you can be sure of a routine that makes you feel comfortable and keeps your body safe. A doctor can properly assess your fitness level, so you can see your progress with ease. They can also help you create a balanced routine and one in which your fitness goals are easy to see.


Combine a Fitness Routine With a Proper, Nutritious Diet

Everyone already knows that a healthy diet combined with a good amount of vigorous physical exercise can help you lose weight and improve your appearance, but did you also know that eating sensible foods can have as much of a beneficial effect on your heart’s health as can exercise? If want to know more about starting a fitness regimen, read our blog here. For the best in cardiovascular health, load up on low calorie, fiber-dense fruits and vegetables, and items that have a high volume of dietary fiber.

Getting your blood pumping is just one way to add to the strength of your heart and prevent the occurrence of cardiac disease. Find fun, challenging exercises that get all of your body moving for the best results.