Starting a Fitness Regimen

Starting a Fitness Regimen

Where to Begin when Starting a Fitness Regimen? 

Everybody likes to stay healthy and fit. However, for many people, it seems that it is too hard to stay healthy and fit and they have no idea where to begin with. As a matter of fact, staying healthy and fit is not as hard as you think and you could easily start it with many things that you do each day, and all together they will add up a lot of benefits to your health and fitness.


Eat A Healthy Diet

Add fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains as many as possible to your diet as well as make them be the major part in your overall diet, which could provide you with the necessary nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers to help you maintain regular and healthy bowel movement. Also, include the lean sources of protein, like fish, poultry, tofu, and beans in your diet. Always eat balanced meals. Stop eating before you are completely full, and do not overeat. Snack on whole foods like fruits and nuts instead of sweets like cookies. Avoid eating highly processed foods as they contain hidden sugar, artificial sweetener or color, and excessive fat pursuant to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


Do Not Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is important, but many people skip breakfast. A healthy breakfast sets a good beginning of the day. It will provide the energy and fuel which you need for optimal mental as well as physical performance. Also, eating breakfast helps you maintain stable levels of blood sugar and healthy weight since you are less possible to overindulge later after eating breakfast.


Have A Good Night Sleep

Sleep has tremendous effects on your physical and mental health. Believe it or not, many people do not get enough sleep. The lack of sleep can have negative effects on your metabolism, mood, memory, concentration, motor skills, stress hormones, immune system, and even cardiovascular health. Having a good night’s sleep lets your body heal, recover, and revitalize itself, which is impossible to achieve when you are awake.



Exercise is to stay fit and healthy pursuant to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. Even if you only take a walk several times a week and do resistance band workouts, exercise could help to strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles as well as to increase the flexibility to lower the risk of injury. Also, exercise improves your body’s circulation and awareness. It has been proved that regular exercise could help to combat depression.


Drink Water

Human bodies consist mostly of water. Although most foods and fluids contain water, which does help to keep your bodies hydrated, fresh clean and plain water is the best healthy beverage to maintain your body healthy. Being hydrated is also important for the metabolism in the brain cells and for flushing out toxins through the skin and urine. Fresh clean and plain water is the best natural cleanser for your organs as well as digestive system, pursuant to Harvard Health Publishing.


Reduce Stress

Stress could result in many problems, from heart issues to digestive problems. Exercise, meditation, an enjoyable hobby, and being in nature could help alleviate the negative effect of stress on your body. It’s important to keep your mind open and try new things.  You never know what you might discover!


Get Your Checkup

Go to your doctor for the annual physical exam to make sure everything in your body is in the way it should be. Get tests regularly even when you feel healthy so that if something goes wrong, you could find it out and take action on it timely. Do breast or testicular exams on your own regularly. Pay attention to suspicious moles and get irregularities checked out right away.

Be Consistent and Moderate

It is important to maintain a certain degree of consistency for your healthy and fit lifestyle while looking at the result of a big picture. It is better to make changes one by one rather than make too many changes all at once, by which you could avoid the risk of relapsing into your old habits. Do not go extreme in any capacity. Remember. it is always a good idea to be moderate when it comes to exercise, food, fitness, and fun.